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GETec Microscopy offers innovative atomic force microscope (AFM) solutions for seamless integration into existing host systems like scanning electron microscopes (SEM). In partnership with our customers, we develop dedicated nano analysis tools based on pre-engineered modules.


Two microscopes are better than one! AFSEM™ by GETec Microscopy

AFSEM™ is an atomic force microscope (AFM) by GETec Microscopy, designed for integration into SEM or Dualbeam (SEM/FIB) microscopes. Its open access design allows to simultaneously operate SEM and AFM inside the SEM vacuum chamber. The complimentary capabilities of AFM and SEM enable unique characterizations of your samples.


Did you know your SEM could do this?

  • Direct 3D information (topography and phase)
  • Correlative microscopy of the exact same sample position by SEM and AFM
    • Topography and Element analysis
    • Nanometer scale analysis before SEM sample contamination
    • Correlative microscopy without air exposure
  • AFM modes supported by AFSEM™
    • Static Force
    • Dynamic Force
    • Phase Contrast
    • Conductive AFM
    • Force spectroscopy
    • Lithography
  • Easy to operate
    • No AFM laser alignment due to self-sensing cantilever


AFSEMTM by GETec Microscopy