The growing importance of FIB-based processing during the last decade is highlighted by the first workshop of the “European Ion Beam Network” following 11 successful years of the “D-A-CH FIB Arbeitskreis”. As Platinum sponsor, GETec Microscopy proudly presents the AFSEM™ as a powerful tool for in-situ correlative SEM/FIB/AFM analysis. Meet us at our booth to learn more about applications and find out how you can scientifically benefit from the new correlative analysis capabilities in your dual beam system.


Microscopy and Analysis Cover: Article AFSEM 2017GETec Microscopy and Nanosurf have published a new paper via Microscopy and Analysis 31(2): p14-18.


The AFSEM™ from Nanosurf/GETec provides a powerful new capability that joins the forces of AFM and SEM. AFM imaging in all the conventional AFM modes is now possible simultaneously under a SEM beam without disruption to either technique. Through its unique design and the use of self-sensing cantilevers, the unit is the first cross-platform AFM that can be integrated into all major commercial SEMs. read more...



Image: AFSEM and tensile stageA scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a powerful tool to study the surface changes and fracture mechanics of tensile stress samples. However, quantitative height information and crack/roughness analysis with sub-nanometer resolution is not possible with the SEM. With AFSEM™, the strengths of SEM and AFM are easily combined with tensile stages for correlative, in-situ analysis of tensile stress samples. Read more...


Our partner Nanosurf has launched a new support web-information about the topic AFM theory (Atomic force microscopy explained). In this overview general AFM principles are described as well as operation modes illustrated with many images and examples. Improve your knowledge about AFM and open AFM theory info website...



Enjoy the 1st AFSEMTM webinar and learn more about the leading solution for in-situ correlative AFM-SEM-EDX analysis. AFSEM uses self-sensing cantilevers from SCL-Sensor.Tech.

More details about the webinar...


2017-Feb-10: GETec installs the AFSEM™ in EPFL's clean-room facility

GETec proudly announces that the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) from now on uses the AFSEM™ in their dual-beam FEI Nova 600 system. In one of the most advanced clean-room facilities world-wide, the AFSEM™ will demonstrate the capabilities of correlative analysis at the leading edge of science and technology.




2016-Nov-10: GETec nominated for national innovation price 2016

GETec Microscopy was nominated for the "Niederösterreichische Innovationspreis 2016", which is a national price for innovative companies. With this nomination the high performance and high market potential in the microscopy industry sector was honored.


Read the award proposal...


2016-Oct-11: CISCEM 2016

The CISCEM 2016 perfectly illustrates the extraordinary possibilities of in-situ correlative microscopy. It will significantly influence the way how micro- and nanoanalysis will be performed in the future. Of course, GETec Microscopy and Nanosurf presented AFSEM on the conference.


2016-July-24...28th: M&M 2016 - Microscopy and Microanalysis - Ohio

As one of the most important conferences on scanning electron microscopy, the M&M provided the basis for the introduction of the AFSEMTM to the U.S. market. Since then, GETec Microscopy and its partner Nanosurf have been in close contact with major SEM providers and we are looking forward to integrating the AFSEM into many state-of-the-art SEM systems. Have a look at our booth: image

2016-July-5...8th: FEBIP 2016 - Focused Electron beam induced processing, Austria

As platinum sponsor GETec Microscopy presented the AFSEMTM at the FEBIP conference in Vienna. Along with in depth discussions with specialists in electron microscopy, all attendees had the chance to see a realized integration of the AFSEMTM into a FEI XL30 SEM and convince themselves about the AFSEMTM capabilities in the GETec exhibitor presentation. We received great feedback from all FEBIP scientists - thanks for that great conference!


2016-June-12: ISPM Symposium in Grindelwald Switzerland

GETec Microscopy and its partner company Nanosurf presented its in-situ AFM for SEMs called AFSEMTM at the ISPM 2016 in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Many prospective customers visited the booth, had productive talks and got new information about AFSEMTM.


download poster as PDF

2016-May-03: 17th CMi Annual Review Meeting

GETec Microscopy had its first joint exhibition with Gloor instruments. Many concrete prospective customer contacts were established.

GETec Microscopy GmbH (Langenlois, Austria) and Nanosurf AG (Liestal, Switzerland) have signed a comprehensive agreement on technology and sales cooperation.






2016-March-29: MRS Spring Meeting in Phoenix

GETec Microscopy presented its AFSEMTM together with its partner Nanosurf in Phoenix (USA) at the MRS Spring Meeting. 2016. Poster: "Examining Nanoindentation Imprints with in-situ AFM-SEM". Furthermore, scientific work results were presented by

  • Dr. Harald Plank, TU Graz (Title: "AFM Based High-Speed Tomography in Electron and Ion Beam Microscopes") and
  • Prof. Peter Hosemann, UC Berkeley (Title: "He Bubble Structure Evolution and Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Metals Studied Using Novel Microscopy Techniques").


2016-March-06: DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Regensburg, Germany

GETec Microscopy and Nanosurf presented AFSEMTM in their first joint exhibition.


2015, Nov. 30: GETec at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, USA

GETec Microscopy presented the AFSEMTM at the MRS Fall Meeting exhibition in Boston (USA). In addition, Dr. Christian Schwalb presented latest results in "Correlated AFM & SEM Microscopy of Nanostructured Materials" to leading scientists in the course of the symposium "Frontiers in Scanning Probe Microscopy". read more...


The Department of Nuclear Engineering from the Berkeley University of California has installed some very exciting new equipment this month. An AFSEMTM scanner from GETec Microscopy (Austria) was installed within a SEM. The scanner uses SCL's self-sensing cantilevers with electrical readout circumventing the lack of space for optical readout within the SEM. The combination of SEM and AFM allows access to different properties at the same location of a specimen. Currently AFM topography and phase imaging is available in combination with SE and BSE detection of electrons from the SEM.


Opens external link in new windowLink Berkeley university of California

2015, Oct.: CHInano 2015

GETec Microscopy has attended the well known international fair CHInano2015. Our team presented the versatile AFSEMTM for high-tech AFM and SEM users in China. We are sure, AFSEMTM is the right solution to enable exciting new experiments for correlated microscopy applications. We are looking forward to interesting cooperations with Chinese universities and industrial enterprises.



2015, Sept. 6-11: MC-2015 Göttingen, Germany

GETec Microscopy has participated in the important international Microscopy Conference 2015 (MC2015) in Göttingen, Germany. Our team presented the very compact AFSEMTM dedicated for correlated microscopy applications within the large SEM market. We are looking forward to ambitious customers and interesting cooperations with SEM manufacturers.


GETec Microscopy has attended the international fair for manufacturing technology called "Intertool" from May 6 to 9. In cooperation with researchTUb GmbH and the “Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Hochleistungslasertechnik” (IFT) of the Vienna University of Technology GETec has presented its versatile AFSEM scanner to the interested fair visitors. The cutting edge theme of the Intertool was “Industry 4.0 - The intelligent factory of the future".


Click on the logo to see some images and a video of the Intertool 2014.

GETec's CEO Mr. Dr. Ernest J. Fantner was invited by the FFG (Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft) to present the successful international projects of the partner companies SCL and GETec in the "Haus der Forschung" (house of science), Vienna. The FFG event had the title "Von der Idee zum Markt" (from idea to market) and was restricted to an audience size of max. 110 participants.



2013, Dec: GETec moves to High-Tech center Aspern-IQ

In December 2014 the GETec headquarter moves to High-Tech center Aspern-IQ in Seestadtstrasse 27, 1220 Vienna.


2013, March: R&D projects

GETec Microscopy has started further national and international research & development projects in March 2013. One of the international project proposals has been ranked under the top 3% of all applied project proposals! These projects will significantly push the final product development and the market introduction of AFSEM.

2012, Dec 1-6: Poster presentation on MRS Fall Meeting in Boston

Many advantages arise with the combined imaging capabilities of the atomic force microscope (AFM) and the scanning electron microscope (SEM). AFSEM™ is optimized for co-localized AFM/SEM imaging for in-situ micromechanical testing and complex sample geometries. The precision cantilever positioning under SEM control is especially important for ... (MRS poster as PDF)

2012, Nov 7: International trademark registration "AFSEM"

On 2012-11-07 GETec Microscopy has registered an international trademark AFSEM (int. reg. no. 1159839) for its further business activities. AFSEM is an acronym for the combination of an AFM (atomic force microscope) and SEM (scanning electron microscope).

2011, April: Company Foundation of GETec

GETec was founded in April 2011. Core competences of GETec are the development and production of analytical equipment with main focus on AFM techniques.